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     Better golf in 30 days
      A wholistic approach

Simply Golf is an approach, a process if you will, that we feel is the most effective way to learn the game and develop your golf skills at the same time.  Although the game is played from tee to green your learning process begins on the green and will work back to the tee.

Our program consists of 15 two hour sessions for a total of 30 hours of coaching.  In addition each participant will receive a program notebook to take home with them.  Ideally, students will complete the program in three to six weeks.  We start you off with the end in mind, the bottom of the cup.  Then, each day your objective is to move 10 yards further away from the hole than the day before learning and practicing how to get the ball in the hole each day.  

On average, over 50 percent of a players strokes, are played on or around the green alone--so why not start at the hole and work your way out.   Each day you will spend time at the practice facility as well as on the golf course.  What is taught and worked on at the practice area is then experienced on the course.  You practice so you can play. 

The further you get away from the hole the more there is to learn; shotmaking skills, rules, golf terminology, etiquette, what to do with your clubs and bag, course management and of course how to deal with your thoughts and feelings both during and between your shots.  Each day's session begins on the course with a review of all of the previous days efforts as a way of reinforcing the skills you previously have been working on.

It is our goal that by the time you have completed the program you are comfortable with your equipment, competent in your skills, and confident in yourself, ready to take on whatever challenges you meet on the course.


    1 person $599
    3 person groups $399 each
Included in the cost is a two month Practice with the Pro membership