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When shall we get together

We offer a choice of seven different clinics designed to be both entertaining and informative for most any group.  Once we know a little bit about your group the clinic can be personalized to your group.  Clinics are designed to last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hour depending on the time available.  While all the clinics can be presented outside if appropriate facilities are available several work just as well inside.

Whether its your league group, a work group, a corporate outing, your women's golf association, or your member-guest when you are ready for some food, fun, and fellowship add us to your guest list.    It will be an event everyone will be sure to remember.

Below is a list and short description of our current clinic offerings.  The costs associated with hosting one of our clinics will vary depending on your location, travel arrangements, the length of the clinic and the number of attendees.

Give us a call at 402-305-5370 to learn more about scheduling one for your next outing.

Shot making: trouble shots    image
How the dickens did I get here and now what do I do

Shot making: the short game    image
Who ever has the best short game wins.  Discover the most important nine inches in golf.

Learning to score:  course management    image
Enjoy the walk and learn to save strokes along the way

Mind & Body & Breathing    image
Where you direct your mind your body will follow.  Are you sure that's where you want the ball to go?

Confidence: where it comes from and how to get it    image
Its a lot quicker to make Kool-Aid but its the same process

Psycho-cybernetics: playing to your potential    image
Learn to release your existing talents and abilities

Rock-n-Roll Golf: that sweet sweet music    image
A new way to learn swing mechanics